Study room

The study room at Al-Firdaus

The study room at Al-Firdaus is mainly intended for students who prefer a quiet environment with easy access to prayer facilities. At the same time, congregational prayers are more likely to take place if brothers and sisters come to use the study room. However, the study room is not limited to Muslims only, provided our visitors follow the general rules of usage (see below). As long as there is a basic level of respect for the cleanliness and noise levels, there should not be any issues Insha'Allah.

What can the study room offer:

  • Internet access with the possibility of direct ethernet connection

  • One iMac computer

  • Printer/scanner*

  • Large classroom whiteboard for seminars and study sessions

  • 6 standard desks which can be rearranged for small groups or solo studies

  • Bookshelf with donated books, mainly from the medical field**

  • Large beanbag seat for relaxation

  • Large water jug with a tap and glasses

  • Stationery corner with extra pens, pencils and other supplies

  • The storage freezer for halal meat orders

  • In the kitchenette:

    • Electric kettle

    • Free to use tea and coffee

    • Microwave to cook/reheat any food

    • Extra plates, bowls, glasses, mugs and cutlery

    • Small fridge for common use

General rules of usage:

  • Please be respectful to other peoples´ study spaces

  • If there are other people studying, please keep the volume level low

  • Please do not disturb the prayers in the other room by loud noises

  • Eating and drinking is allowed as long as the facilities are kept clean

  • Please keep the room in clean state

*Although the printer is free to use, small donations to the OMC are encouraged to cover for paper and other costs.

**If you wish to donate your books to the study room OR the masjid, please contact us through our e-mail or through any of our social media.